This week we have a special West Ottawa Schools Special Education Luncheon at Lakewood Elementary School, 168th  and Lakewood on Holland's north side.  We will meet at Lakewood School at our usual time and share activities and crafts with our young friends and also enjoy a WONDERFUL lunch.  

As in the years past, we help the teaching staff at Lakewood by providing answers to some of their most requested items for the students.  The teachers for these challenged children are filled with gratitude when we help provide supplies they normally buy from their own salaries.  On behalf of these teachers, they extend a HUGE thank you...and a list of what would be most welcome this year!  
Here are some supplies teachers have requested for their classrooms...please bring these items with you when you attend the luncheon on the 18th of April:
Hand Sanitizer
Ziploc baggies - all sizes
Disinfectant Wipes
Wet wipes
Play-Doh - Always need LOTS..small or big cans welcome
Laundry Soap
Dish Soap
Any small toys, activity books, stickers - age appropriate
Thick and thin point Sharpie markers
Microwave popcorn
Goldfish crackers
Chez-It crackers
Flushable wipes
Dry erase markers
Dry erase erasers
Candy - M & M's, Skittles, organic fruit roll-ups, etc.

Visitors and Guests

Dan Shaw (Rebecca Lamper), Sophie Engels