Contact: Gary Bogle
United States of America

Gary Bogle is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: International Service Committee, Holland Rotary

Time: Jun 18, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 934 604 5974

Password: 0bchuL


Greetings ISC Members,


The Rotary year is coming to an end so we need to button up before the new leadership takes over. On June 18 we will discuss…

  1. Transfer of Committee Chair from Gary Bogle to Kathy DeVries. Kathy will begin her chair position on July 1
  2. Discuss/Confirm budget for coming year (attached)
  3. The ISC support of Charles Elwood’s PPE project
    1. Thanks to committee members  for your quick response to the April 9th “on-line” question of support for the PPE project
  4. Review of February 13 Minutes (attached)
  5. Building Bridges, 100th Anniversary of Global Projects Book
  6. Old business
  7. New business



Rotary Club of Holland, Michigan

June 4, 2020



2020-2021 International Service Committee Budget


Polio Eradication                                            $2,000


Travel Allowance                                           $1,000

($250 per approved request)


WEHOP Support                                                      $1,000


Native American Project                                $2,000

(Pine Ridge Reservation and Re-Member NGO)


Collaborative projects with                            $2,500

other Rotary Clubs and/or NGOs                         


Holland Rotary Developing Projects              $1,500


Total ISC Budget                                          $10,000



Respectfully Submitted,


Gary Bogle

Chair, International Service Committee