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Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
2157 S Shore Dr
Macatawa, MI  49434
United States

The meal is $35 per person.  Prime Rib Dinner.  Macatawa Bay Yacht Club.  

Rotary Fundraiser/Social Event


When:               Tuesday, September 25, 2018—6 p.m.

Where:             Macatawa Bay Yacht Club, South Shore Drive, Holland, MI

Why:                 Have fun together and raise money for our Charities Budget

Every year our club needs to raise approximately $30,000 to cover the costs entailed in supporting the charitable programs that have defined us as a club. 

These activities include the Student Exchange Program, International Projects, Community Projects, and Youth Projects like Leaders of the 21st Century, Rotaract and Interact.  Together these projects require us to raise $30,000 annually. 

This Fundraiser, with everyone’s participation, will help us raise $15,000 toward the annual goal.  We think it will be quite simple and lots of fun.  We hope you all will think so, too. 

It’s called Swapping Treasures.  Let’s think of SWAP as really Supporting World Altruistic Projects—because that’s what Rotary and being a Rotarian is all about.  We all have valuable treasures that we no longer are using and enjoying, so why not let them go to help a great cause—our Rotary Club.

Each Rotarian is asked to donate at least two treasures that have a value of $100 or more.  We really want you to approach a business that you might frequent or know well, and ask them to provide a donation of their goods or services to our cause.  In the next two weeks, share with us (on paper) the treasures you will provide so that we can get them all organized and set up as an auction item.  This way we will be able to “price them right” and earn the most dollars for our charities goal. 

Treasures could be a week in a timeshare, a week in the Grand Cayman Islands, valuable paintings, kitchen cooking gadgets, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, furniture, lasagna parties, pie of the month, restaurant gift certificates, and so much more! 

Look in your nooks and crannies and think up some fun and exciting packages that others would want to bid on.  Remember, it is all going for a great cause—Ours—our passion for the work of Rotary around the world and in our own community.

So, we will Swap out our noon meeting on September 27, for a Tuesday evening meeting.  The cost is $35/person for a full Prime Rib dinner, along with a Cash Bar.  We want you to invite friends and neighbors so that together we can raise our goal of $15,000 that night.

As we are a 501(C3) Charity, your donated treasure is tax deductible too!

All Rotarians—

For our fundraiser on September 25, 2018 to be successful, we will need people to consider providing a big-ticket item like:

  • Boat ride on Lake Macatawa
  • Week at a time share
  • Week at a beach home
  • Tickets to NFL game
  • Hot Tub
  • Afghan Run
  • Tickets to other attractive events
  • Parties with food included
  • Goodies of any kind

We know that you have been so instrumental in the past in donating a “big ticket” item, and so we are asking you to consider again doing something that will help us reach our goal for that evening of $15,000 for all the charity programs that the Rotary Club of Holland supports.

Thank You!

Swapping Treasures Committee,

Russ Miller                                  Felicia Thompson                      Mari Martin

Kathy De Vries                           Carol Swart                                 Bonnie Gronberg

Steve Bailey