The Rotary Clubs of Holland and the Herrick District library partner to provide 16 Blue and Yellow Book Houses in the Greater Holland area.
Gary Bogle
Rotary Club of Holland, MI
Have you seen one of the Blue and Yellow striped little book houses? These colorful bookhouses are underwritten by the Rotary Club and the Herrick District Library(HDL). Rotarians visit a book house weekly to provide books for FREE use to the community. Blue and Yellow are the colors of Rotary International.
“Rotary-HDL book houses are an incredibly convenient way to grab some reading material on the go at any number of area parks. It's a great way to reach readers young and old in their own neighborhoods." Diane Kooiker, HDL Director

The HDL and the ISD provide children’s and adult books for the Rotarians to re-stock the book houses. The books are available free to community members. Those who borrow books can return them to the book house or keep them to read again and again.
"Ben Franklin created public libraries, 
but Holland Rotary-HDL bring free books to neighborhoods."
--Kent Fry
Jim White who monitors a book house in Quincy Park said, “This is a perfect location for a little book house- it offers kids a doubly fun time - playing on the playground and then grabbing a book or two to read under the pavilion. I love it when I stop to fill the book house up and see kids running over to check out what is new!”
The Rotary Clubs and the Herrick District Library are thrilled to offer this service to the citizens of Holland

Applause for the Rotary-HDL Book Houses

“I handed a migrant child an armful of books and he sat down to read aloud to the younger children who were with him. I wanted his teacher to hear this.”
Donna Bogle
 “This is a great opportunity for families to have access to resources without having to travel if they don’t want to” 
 Larry Engelsman
“Tiny Jackson wanted to help me paint the book house instead of playing at Moran Park. With permission from his mom, we worked together until the little library was glowing with color.”
Donna Bogle
"Community partners such as the Rotary Club help the library connect with people all over our district."
Diane Kooiker