Western Theological Seminary

Rick Capotosto of Western Theological Seminary (WTS) talked about the changes in theological education and the involvement of WTS in the community. He started by referring to Alexis De Tocqueville's writing about the uniqueness of the United States. De Tocqueville notes that a major strength of this country is the ability to form institutions for good. WTS seeks to be an institution that forms whole persons, promotes deep thinking about theology, and prepares their graduates for service in congregations.
WTS has 382 students currently, both in-residence and distance learning. There are currently slots available for in-residence students. In Mat of 2022 WTS graduated 112 students from 16 countries and 18 states. Half were women and 35% were from RCA churches. WTS offers certificates, masters, and doctoral degrees in multiple areas.

Community Involvement

  • The Community Kitchen brings members of the community into the WTS building for free meals 7 days a week. Seminary students are encouraged to get to know those members of the community who depend on others for their meals.
  • The Friendship House houses both WTS students and community members with cognitive disabilities. This allows prospective pastors to understand the value of people with disabilities.
  • Hope-Western prison education. This is a campus of Hope College in the Muskegon Correctional facility that offers a Bachelor degree to qualified inmates. The classes are taught by Hope College and WTS professors.
  • The Bridge is a retail store in downtown Holland that sells handmade items from around the world. The items are purchased from artist's cooperatives and the money goes to support scholarships for international students at WTS.