Club Updates

Next week Ed Swart will have a signup sheet for greeting the Jump!4Polio parachuters as they land.
Gary Bogle reported that we need 2 more bookhouse monitors to keep our bookhouses stocked with books.
The son and 2 of the daughters of our refugee family are now employed.

Rotary Show and Tell

Ed Swart talked about being in the trials for the Salk Polio vaccine when he was in elementary school.
Catherine Ristola Bass showed a painted rock from Ontanogan that was a surprise gift for her mother from a co-worker.
John Helm showed a vaccination syringe that he used in the State Dept. He also had a Soviet Navy hat that he bought from a sailor who was abandoned when the USSR collapsed and he was selling belongings to get enough money to travel home.
John Hoekstra showed his shirt from India (above) signed by Mother Teresa.
Ken Austin showed a wooden gavel made by his father and related how he saw some furniture repaired by his father in Vienna.
Gary Bogle showed a picture of his head after he lost a bet on the World Cup. His hair was shaved so he looked like a soccer ball.
George Higginson brought a Minuteman statue that he was given after his retirement from heading up the National Guard. He spent 3 years in charge of the whole country.
Marving Younger told how at 4.5 years old he took his 3-year-old cousin on a bus to downtown Philadelphia for a whole day. He also showed some cigars he acquired on his recent stay in the Dominican Republic.
Ken Vos told about his enjoyment working at Windmill Island in his retirement. He likes to tell visitors about Mrs. Van Raalte who had money to buy all the land.
Larry Schuyler showed a gun powder holder that his Grandfather used in the US Civil War.