My House Ministry

Heather Rogers became My House Ministry's Executive Director after a marketing career. The Ministry provides residence and support for homeless women trying to move beyond abuse and addiction. Each woman is given a place to stay at one of the ministry's houses and assigned a Life Skills Coordinator who helps to customize resources. The women in the program are a wide variety of ages (average is around 40), some have children with them, some are situationally homeless while some are generationally homeless, but all of them are experiencing chaos.
The program is designed to help move women into being able to live on their own in 3 years. After 18 months in the program, My House's goal is to move the women to rental apartments. Initially, the rent is subsidized, but at the end of the transition, it will be at market price. The ministry can house 13 women, some with children, at their facilities. The journey is difficult. Leaving an abusive situation usually takes 7-10 times trying and recovering from addiction takes 3-5 years.
My House has 19 graduates of their program. There is an advisory group that includes graduates. The ministry works closely with other community organizations including Gateway Mission, Resilience, Good Samaritan Ministries, and 70x7 Recovery.

Solid Rock Ministries

Ben Rogers heads up Solid Rock Ministries, housed in the City on The Hill building. They provide volunteers to make repairs for homeowners who cannot afford the repairs. They also try to get acquainted with the families and support them. Some of the types of work they perform are ramps, roof patching, floor/ceiling/wall repairs, railings, and some plumbing. This year they have completed 70 projects.