Dear Rotarian friends,
Our board took a long look at the Covid numbers for our region and with heavy hearts voted unanimously to suspend in-person club meetings for all of January 2022. Our desire to be together is only outweighed by our concern for all club members and those they love. The world is weary of this difficult situation that demands flexibility and forbearance. 
The board is guided by the Ottawa County Health Department Covid risk assessment:  we will reconvene our in-person meetings when the risk is lowered from High (currently) to Substantial (<10% positivity rate and < 100 cases/100K population). We will revisit the risk level according to the OCHD at our January board meeting and will then decide on how we will meet for the month of February. We hope for an improved situation in all respects--less illness and a safer possibility of meeting in person.
As a result of this decision, all dues will be billed at $220 for Jan 1 - June 30, 2022 and lunches will be cash or check with a weekly RSVP when we can be in person. Thank you for your understanding.
We look forward to seeing you on zoom starting at noon on Jan 6, 2022 and we can enjoy together the good programs lined up for your edification and entertainment. 
On behalf of the board,
Catherine Ristola Bass, president
Rotary Club of Holland