Speaker Date Topic
Aaron Thelenwood May 06, 2021
West Michigan Airport Authority and new Director

New West Michigan Airport new Executive Director will talk about the airport and update on how it is doing and how it did during the pandemic.

Betsy Freeman CEO of Radious Advisory Group May 13, 2021
'Supply Chain Cyber Security

'   Topic is about,  every business has or is part of a a supply chain.  We're finding that's where cyber criminals are currently focusing a lot of their efforts

Kristina Wieghmink May 20, 2021
Communication Specialist Ottawa Department of Public Health
Meghan Heritage-Creator and Founder May 27, 2021
The Be Event-Organization
Troy Trash Jun 10, 2021
CEO Air Zoo-
Barry Clayton Jun 24, 2021
PGA Golf Pro Author and Instructor
New Rotary President Inauguration Jul 01, 2021
Author Mari Martin Jul 08, 2021
Melanie Manion Jul 15, 2021
Ottawa County Goats!

Melanie Manion is Natural Resource Manager and will talkl about the Prescribed Browsing Project with Goats.  

Pastor Todd Krygsheld Jul 22, 2021
Escape Ministries
Jerry Kooiman and Nick Lechner Aug 05, 2021
MSU Gran Fondo 2021 and update and Growth of MSU in Grand Rapids Medical Mile
Youth Day Oct 21, 2021
Youth Day