Mar 22, 2018
Ed DeNave
Off site meeting at Cento Anni (Warehouse 6) at 136 6th ST Holland

Lori Varner

  1. Add it is now called warehouse 6 next to Cento Anni
  2. Parking is up in the upper parking lot deck then you can walk towards 6th street to the location. Parking is limited  .
  3. If people want to stay afterwards and do a cutting board it will cost about $20 bucks.


Cento Anni specializes in custom woodworking and cutting boards using reclaimed and reused American hardwoods.  Owned by a pair of corporate refugees committed to the concept of build local, buy local. 


They use rescued, re-purposed, and reclaimed materials to create handcrafted furniture, cutting boards, as well as restaurant & commercial build-outs, and custom architectural and decorative projects. 100% of our products are handcrafted in Holland, MI.