Jun 13, 2024
Leaders for the 21st Century
Leaders for 21st Century

Rotary Leaders for the 21st Century is an annual leadership conference conducted at Hope College the second week of June for middle schoolers entering 7th and 8th grades who have been selected by their schools as potential emerging leaders. It continues with further engagement in regular follow-up meetings in the participating schools throughout the school year. More information at http://leadersforthe21stcentury.org

This has been for the last 24 years Holland Rotary's signature project, and it depends on the active involvement of Rotarians and other volunteers.  This year we obtained a District Grant (Remember those donations to The Rotary Foundation? This grant is from funds returned by TRF to the District, used as a match) to establish a website, streamline registration, increase the number of participants, and return the event to a three-day/two-night event.  

At this meeting, the participating students will be having lunch with Rotarians, one of the highlights of the conference for the students.  The meeting will be at the Maas Center on the Hope College campus, on the west side of Columbia Avenue, right where Eleventh St. would cross.  Parking is available on street or behind Martha Miller Center; handicap parking specifically in the Martha Miller lot and lots east off Columbia between 11th and 13th.  Dropoff can be done on Columbia just outside the door to Maas Center.  

Please, Rotarians, also return Friday late afternoon for Leaders graduation, where we want greeters for parents and a strong showing of Rotarians to show support.