Karen Sadler will discuss the Michael Sadler Foundation.   We look forward to hearing from her.  This week's meeting is sponsored by Kristopher Reinhardt with Edward Jones. 

Gary and Donna Bogle will be holding orientations before and after Rotary this week...January 16. At 11:15 the orientation will be in the lobby and the 1:20 orientation will be in the meeting room.  Anyone requiring an orientation can attend either. Let Donna (616 422 0741) know if you will be participating in an orientation.

Jazz Concert Update:

The Parents in the Music Boosters group got the ticket sales website up and running over the weekend!
Pretty exciting news for all the parents and kids in the program! 


Due to the Haworth Inn undergoing a renovation, Rotary will be meeting at the Civic Center until the end of June.   

Rotarians:  If you have speakers coming for Rotary please inform them that we are now meeting till June at the Civic Center.  If they have a power point presentation they will NEED TO BRING THERE OWN LAPTOP.  Please make sure that is it HDMI Compatible!  Speakers should arrive early to get set up to make sure it will work properly.  Email them with the details.

If you have a great idea for a speaker at our meeting, let me know and let’s get them scheduled.  Please email me with ideas;   lvarner@suburbaninns.com


Corporate / Business Members: