Club Updates

We continue to look for housing for the Afghan refugee family being sponsored by our club, Holland After Hours Rotary Club, and Central Park Reformed Church.

Holland Rotary Website

Our club website has a wealth of information available for members and the general public. The information can be divided into the following areas.

Reference Information

The top menu contains links to stories, minutes, reports, bylaws, and our constitution.
On the right column are the old eBulletins for reference.

Upcoming Events

The calendar link in the top menu will take you to the full menu of club activities. You can link this into your own calendar, if you want.
A list of the upcoming speakers is listed in the right column of the web page.

Upcoming Meeting Information

The center column of the webpage contains information on the most recent previous meeting and the upcoming meeting. The names of the people who signed up for greeting and announcing visitors are listed in the left column.

New Member Recruiting

At the top of the left column is an "Interested in Holland Rotary?" box that contains links to items of interest to potential members. There are other items, such as the "Holland Rotary Snapshot" on the top menu.

Local and International Rotary Connections

On the left side are two boxes, "Rotary International Links" and "Nearby Rotary Clubs" point to information on the international website, such as the foundation, and to nearby Rotary Clubs that you may wish to visit.
These two links on the left side of the webpage will take you to the search page for any Rotary Club worldwide and our district website.


On the left side of the website is a list of club officers, directors, committee chairs, and others. If you click on their name, you can send a brief message. This is an easy way to ask a question.
In the upper right corner, there is a "Member Login" that will take you to a login page. After you enter your name and password, the link will change to "Member Area". Clicking on this will take you to another page where you can click "Membership" and then "Members List" to get to all the details on our club members.