Club Updates

The Jump!4Polio fundraiser is a week from Saturday. Our Global Grant project in Kenya has been funded.

Holland Mayor Nathan Bocks

Mayor Bocks was elected just before the pandemic. One of his first acts as mayor was to record a video assuring citizens that although we were going into the unknown the city would keep the basic services running.
The Mayor separated his remarks into three sections: what was accomplished during the pandemic, what is happening now, and what is going on now for the future.

Pandemic Progress

The city council passed an anti-discrimination ordinance, UDO zoning, and an updated energy plan. The energy plan goals for 12 years from now had already been met, so an update was needed. The bonds for Holland Energy Park were paid off early. Electric rates were decreased and those households who elect to buy only sustainable energy are paying the same as other residents.
The waste treatment plant built the anaerobic digester. Once this is in operation, it will generate methane to fuel the plant and fertilizer to sell.
The city built an outdoor playscape at the request of the nature-based schools in town. The playscape is part of Window on the Waterfront Park. Also, the planning and discussions on the use of the city-owned waterfront land were started. This is an ongoing project and any changes will require approval by at least 60% of voters.
During the pandemic, 1/2 million sq ft of new building space was constructed within the city.


Affordable housing is a continuing concern. The large LG expansion will further increase the pressure on local housing. Part of the LG state inducement is a revolving fund to be used to increase housing in the area. Many supplier firms are now looking to move to Holland.
Holland and Laketown Township agreed to a land transfer into the city in exchange for an increased water supply for the township.
A refresh of the downtown area is also starting.

Going Forward

The Kollen Park and the Waverly Road fire stations will be rebuilt. This is part of a 50-year municipal capital improvement plan. This plan is coupled with a 20-year financial plan so the city can anticipate funding sources.
There is a non-motorized transportation plan being developed and implemented. The waterfront plan will be completed. The broadband as a utility proposal will be voted on in the fall.
The largest area of change will be in the Window on the Waterfront area. College Avenue will be extended further north. The electrical generating station will be removed from the 6th Street area. This whole area will be used for the new Ice Skating Park. The part will have many features, such as ice ribbons for skating as well as a rink and curling sheets. The heat extracted to maintain the ice will be fed back into the snowmelt system. The walkways and park benches will be warmed in the new park.
A new indoor recreation center is being planned adjacent to Bouws Pool. And the big announcement is that the anaerobic digester ball will be painted so that it blends into the sky. The particular paint color is called Macatawa Mist.