Seniors Helping Seniors

When Brian and Mollie Gaggin retired and moved to Holland they soon discovered they missed being involved in a business. They had cared for relatives and something in the caregiving field was appealing. They discovered the company Seniors Helping Seniors, founded 28 years ago in Bucks County PA by an Indian emigrant. Her daughter and son-in-law turned the concept into a franchise and there are now 250 franchises throughout the country.
In the decade 2010-2020 there was a 38% increase in the population of seniors. The last decade with a similar increase was 1880-1890. A growing problem in this population is loneliness and isolation leading to mental and physical health problems.
Seniors Helping Seniors Lakeshore is a for-profit company started by the Gaggins on March 1st of this year that matches caregivers and care receivers with similar interests. The caregiver spends between 12 and 18 hours a week in companionship and light housework. The goal is to build long-term relationships that will benefit the care receiver.
Before acceptance, the caregivers are interviewed for 1-2 hours, undergo background checks, and have extensive training. There are 2 caregivers assigned to each client. This provides consistency in care but allows the caregivers to have time off for travel or other recreational activities. In a care facility, the state mandates that a caregiver can care for no more than 15 people. According to Mollie, the best care facilities only reduce this ratio to 12-1.