Chris Martin and Mindy Klein will be our guests speakers.  They will present the Road to Recovery® Program  from the American Cancer Society.  It is a coordinated program to find qualified volunteers to donate their spare time to give cancer patients a much-needed lift.  Chris is Mari Martin's husband.  We look forward to hearing from Chris and Mindy.

Many cancer patients do not have adequate transportation to their various doctor visits and treatment facilities.  Even the best treatment can’t work if a patient can’t get there.  It is important for these patients to get to their appointments and receive these treatments as they are prescribed—sometimes up to five days a week.  As a cancer survivor (now celebrating five years cancer-free) Chris is forever grateful for the many people who drove him when he couldn’t drive himself, or when Mari wasn’t available, due to work obligations. 

Reminder from Mike Moraw:

This Thursday is the "pass the hat" date for Thanksgiving collection.
The club on average has collected / donated  a range of $600-$750 in each of the past 3 years
Would love to see if our club can duplicate our generous donations.
If writing a check, please bring to the club---as I am thinking it might be better to write the check to the club...but would like to check with our treasurer....


Visitors and Guests

Bill Hurula (Dick Chambers), Rebecca Packett Wood (Vic), Dick Capotosto (Tim Schreur), Mindy Beetham (Elizabeth Giddings)