James Sullivan and Craig Spoelhof will be our speakers.   They will discuss expanding the After School Summer program at Boys and Girls Club of Holland.  We look forward to hearing from them.

Note:  Our meeting will be held at the  HOLLAND Civic Place/Center!

Due to the Haworth Inn undergoing a renovation, Rotary will be meeting at Maas Conference Hall starting Nov 9th  till end of December.  If you have lined up a speaker for our meetings during November and December, please make sure they are aware of the change.  Email them with the details.

Starting January-June-our weekly Rotary meetings will be meeting at the Civic Center. If you have lined up a speaker, please make sure they are aware of this change.

If you have a great idea for a speaker at our meeting, let me know and let’s get them scheduled.  Please email me with ideas;   lvarner@suburbaninns.com

Dear Rotarians,

In anticipation of the 100th Anniversary of Our Club a book is being compiled regarding the projects of the International Service Committee from 1920 until now.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! The written part of the book is developing nicely but interesting photographs are needed to make the book visually interesting.

Photographs about Rotary projects and/or contributions in Dominican Republic, Egypt, Russia, Siberia, Romania, Haiti, Japan, Jordon, India, Jamaica, Honduras, the Bahamas, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, and Mexico are needed.

Yes, your club has assisted with humanitarian activities in ALL OF THESE COUNTRIES.

Send photos to Gary Bogle, Chair of the International Service Committee.

Visitors and Guests

 Rick Arnold (Steve Nyland), Valorie Avink (John Helm), Alex Overbeek (Russ Miller), Chuck Warren (David Meier), Charles Elwood (Rebecca Lamper)