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Presiding at Noon Meeting
Ristola Bass, Catherine
Visitors & Guests
Swart, Ed
Stielstra, Edward
Nida, Bob
Song Leader
Jun 16, 2022
Jun 23, 2022
Major Donors & Honorees
Jun 30, 2022
Jul 07, 2022
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Water Project
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Welcome to Holland Noon Rotary Club
Thursdays at 12:10 PM
Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
2157 S Shore Dr
Macatawa, MI 49434
United States of America
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June 16, 2022 Announcements

Holland Mayor Nathan Bocks

Mayor Bock will address us about what is going on in our city.

June 16 Hybrid Meeting - In Person at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club and On-line

We are continuing to meet in person as well as on Zoom.  If you did not sign up for lunch at last week's meeting, you should have received an email from Catherine with details on how to register for in-person meals. You will need to bring $15 in cash or a check to pay for lunch.
Here is the link for the meeting:  
Meeting ID: 816 2888 6872
Last week at Rotary June 9, 2022

Club Updates

Incoming President Elizabeth Scott will be hosting a pot-luck and Rotary visioning time at her house on Tuesday 14 June. Sign up by June 10th.

Pete Hoffswell, Broadband Services Superintendent at HBPW

Pete filled us in on the status of broadband services in the City of Holland. BPW has had fiber optic cables linking its facilities for 30 years. High-speed internet has also been offered to downtown businesses through BPW fiber. Before the pandemic, BPW had convened groups to look into the feasibility of providing access for residents. The groups were split on whether it was an appropriate city service.
After the pandemic, 70% of the group viewed internet access as important as water, sewer, and electricity. The city is moving forward with a model of open access. The city will install fiber cable throughout and pay for it through a millage. Individual property owners will cover the cost of linking to the fiber. There are currently 6 ISPs offering various services through the city connection. The millage will be up for a vote this fall.

Andy Bass, Netnerd

 There have been 3 generations of web services. The first generation (1994-2000) presented static information, the second (2000-now) allows data transfer, and the third generation will give the creation of content to everyone with access. Another way of expressing the generations is: consume → create → own. The tools for this third-generation are just now being developed.
Skydiving Polio FundraiserRotary District 6290 has a goal to raise up to a half-million dollars to finish the job of eliminating polio to assure that no more children will ever suffer this devastating illness.
Rebecca Lamper from our club is participating in this June 25th fundraiser. She will happily take your donations. If anyone else is interested in participating, registration is still open at Jump!4Polio Registration.
Our club is looking for volunteers to staff the welcome to the ground crew. Sign up for a 3-hour shift to hand out refreshments. Contact Ed Swart to sign up.
June is Rotary Fellowships Month
Upcoming Events
Grand Haven Memorial Airport
Jun 25, 2022
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Rotary Golf Outing
Clearbrook Golf Club
Jul 22, 2022
2:48 PM – 3:04 PM
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