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Aug 18, 2022
Aug 25, 2022
Update on Western Theological Seminary past and future
Sep 01, 2022
Magic at the Mill
Sep 08, 2022
My House Ministry & Solid Rock Ministries
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Welcome to Holland Noon Rotary Club
Thursdays at 12:10 PM
Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
2157 S Shore Dr
Macatawa, MI 49434
United States of America
Venue Map
Venue Map
August 18, 2022 Program

District Governor Paul Heroman visits

Our current District Governor (DG) will be making the annual official visit with our club. DG Paul is from the Ada/Cascade club.
Before the meeting he will meet with the board of directors and the committee chairs to learn what we accomplished and what we have planned. DG Paul will introduce the district goals and comment on what he learned from meeting with our board.
New 2022 Rotary Directory

New Directory Coming Soon

John and Catherine will have laptops available this week and next (Aug 11 and Aug 18) to update your photo and contact info in Clubrunner in preparation for a print directory, the first one in over 10 years! 
You may also update all of your info yourself by logging into Clubrunner or email info & a photo to for assistance.
Last week at Rotary August 11, 2022

Grand River Restoration

Steve Heacock, the President and CEO of the Grand Rapids Whitewater Project spoke about the plans for the Grand River through the City of Grand Rapids.

History of the Grand River

The indigenous people and the early European settlers talked about being able to navigate by listening for the rapids. Through what is now the City of Grand Rapids the river drops 18 feet. When the US Olympic committee built a training facility for Olympic white-water events, they created a drop of 21 feet. The Grand drops only 2 feet from its start near Jackson to Grand Rapids and only 4 feet from there to Lake Michigan.
Starting in the early 1800s the river was changed to suit human needs. First for the animal pelt trade, then for logging, and finally for industry. While industry was dumping waste into the Grand, citizens were getting their drinking water from the same location. A series of 6 dams were built to let the industrial waste settle to the bottom so drinking water could be taken from the top of the river.

Restoring what was lost

Our 2022 Inbound Exchange Student Has Arrived
The welcoming crew on Saturday 13th of August for Liz from Brazil.
Book Sorting August 19th, 2022
A few weeks ago, a group of Rotarians moved 10,000 books from Eagle Crest School to a warehouse. Now it is time to sort those books in preparation for getting them into our bookhouses.
Friday August 19th at 3:00 PM is your opportunity to help sort. If you are able to help, meet at 500 East 8th Street (former Hart & Cooley building). John Gronberg has the following instructions:
Go to the eastern section of the parking lot and look for my Black Escalade. We will gather at that spot, and you can follow me to the section of the warehouse I have at the back of the building.
August is Membership and New Club Development Month
Upcoming Events
Holland Rotary Member/Guest Golf Outing
Clearbrook Golf Club
Sep 23, 2022
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