Speaker Date Topic
Brian Gaggin Dec 01, 2022
New CEO United Way Ottawa County
Jennifer Haak Behavior Health Liason Life Cicles Dec 08, 2022
Crisis Training for Law Enforcement with Seniors

Jennifer Haak, LifeCircles Coordinator will talk about the new training that LifeCircles PACE has started with first responders agencies in Muskegon on how to deal with the  Elderly when they are called out on critical situations. 

Club Assembly or Christmas program, TBA Dec 15, 2022
Club Assembly or Christmas program, TBA Dec 22, 2022
Steven Stegeman Jan 05, 2023
Heart Safe Community
Andrew Reynolds Jan 12, 2023
New Environmental & Energy Initiatives with BPW
Liz, RYE Inbound from Brasil Jan 26, 2023
my exchange life
Annie Paul Feb 02, 2023
Winner of the Magnolia Silos Baking Competition
Dr. Bryan Huffman Feb 16, 2023
English Channel Swimmer
English Channel Swimmer

(From the Holland Sentinel) When Bryan Huffman was a high school swimmer, a West Michigan swimmer named Jim Dreyer attempted to swim across all of the Great Lakes.

He succeeded — and that inspired Huffman, a 49-year-old ophthalmologist from Holland, to look at the water a little differently.

Huffman was determined to find an inspiring swim for himself, and after some searching, he found the English Channel.

The English Channel is a popular open water swim — dozens attempt it each year. There's a bar near the channel with the names of the hundreds of crossers over the years.

Huffman wanted to be one of those swimmers.

"I learned about the challenges of the English Channel, and decided I would one day like to swim it. At the time, I didn’t know how to arrange for a swim, and didn’t have the time or resources to make it happen," Huffman said.

Then life happened.

Come and hear the rest of the story.

Doug Bagley Mar 02, 2023
M-Tec Thompson Career and Corporate Training