Club Updates

Our Afghan refugee family visited the club today. We can use volunteers to help with transportation as they have many appointments. More permanent housing is coming soon and we will need help furnishing this space.

Mediation Services

Penny Schuff, Development and Communications Director at Mediation Services talked about mediation as a technique to promote peace. Mediation Services in Holland is a 30-year-old non-profit organization and is one of 17 centers around Michigan. The Holland center serves Ottawa, Allegan, and Barry counties. The centers work with oversight from the court systems.
The purpose of mediation is to bring people together in a safe space to deal with their conflicts. There are 2 trained mediators that work with them, but the resolution is made by the parties themselves. This leads to more lasting resolutions and saves money as the alternative can be a resolution by the courts. About 70% of the time there is a complete agreement in a mediated case.
There are many different are at which the center provides services. Restorative Circles are being used in school and juvenile court settings. More behavioral health services are starting to be offered. Another service is mediating with older adults and their care givers concerning care issues.
The center currently has 58 trained volunteer mediators. They are always happy to have more. There is a 40-hour training to become a mediator.