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Rotary Leaders for the 21st Century

On Thursday, June 15, our Rotary luncheon will be with the middle school Leaders in the Great Room of the Bultman Student Center at Hope College (a new building named, of course, for one of our own long-time members).  The Bultman Center is located in the center of campus.  

Rotarians have signed up for various opportunities to interact with the Leaders during the conference.  Ed Swart will be sending notices early next week to those who have signed up to help.  We are thankful that through the involvement of so many Rotarians we are able to make a difference in the lives of our kiddos.  We still need some more volunteers to be interviewed by teams and introduced to the larger group Wednesday after lunch and to help checkout and mix with Leaders and parents before and after graduation Thursday afternoon.

En-Gedi Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya

Margaret Njuguna is from Kenya. She attended Calvin University and worked for the US based World Renew for many years. Her expertise is microfinance and she worked for World Renew in Africa. While she was travelling through towns, she noticed that the beggars were mostly disabled persons. She didn't know much about disability care then.
Margaret was on the planning team for World Renew and every year she asked about starting a program for disabled persons. She was eventually told that no donor would fund a foreign disability care program because any results would be very long term. Yet Margaret still felt called to help children whose families had abandoned them. So, she gave World Renew notice that she would be quitting in 3 years and started planning.

Starting the En-Gedi Children's Home

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June 2023
Margaret Njuguna
Jun 08, 2023
Director of En-Gedi Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya
Sara DeVries
Jun 22, 2023
Renovation at Herrick District Library
Kathy De Vries and Elizabeth Giddings
Jun 29, 2023
New Rotary President Sworn In
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June is Rotary Fellowships Month

Rotary Leaders for the 21st Century

In Partnership with four area School Systems

Sometimes it is difficult to look at your sixth grader’s room and think that the occupant of that room is going out on his/her own in a few years earning a living, raising a family and determining what does and does not get done in our community.
Rotary members are concerned about young people. They are also concerned about what does and does not get done in our community.  For years, Rotary Clubs have tried to nurture service, international understanding and scholarships for higher education.  As successful as these programs were/are, we have come to realize that if we are going to really make a difference in developing community leaders for the 21st Century, we need to reach out to more students and provide them with opportunities for leadership and community service at an early age.
Rotary members would like to provide this opportunity to students who will be entering the 7th or 8th   grade in the fall.

How do we propose to accomplish this? 

Through the Leaders for the 21st Century program about 50 seventh graders from Holland, West Ottawa, & Zeeland Public Schools and Corpus Christi Catholic School will participate in two days and one evening of intensive leadership training at Hope College.  Following the initial training, students will meet once a month at their local school.  At the monthly meeting, students will apply the team building skills they learned to plan and carry-out student led service projects.  Periodically, student leaders will be invited to attend local Rotary luncheon meetings to report on their projects.  In the spring, we will have an evening reunion for Leaders and their parents.

When does the training occur?  

Registration begins at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 and ends with graduation on Thursday evening June 15, 2023 at approximately 6:15 p.m.

If my son or daughter were chosen as a/Rotary Fellow what would he or she receive?

* 2 days & one evening of leadership training at Hope College – this includes staying in a Hope College dorm
* Leaders for the 21st Century syllabus and planning booklet
* A reception for Leaders and their parents
* A wide range of entertainment opportunities from swimming to team games
* The opportunity to learn from and interact with national and local leaders

What is the cost for participating in this program?

There is no cost to students or their families for attending leadership training.

We do, however, expect students to make a commitment

To abide by a code of behavior
To take an active role in the training
To make a commitment to helping other people in their school and community
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